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What's New @ Ducks'?

7/31/09 03:02 pm - theantijoss - ducksfanfic has UNMOVED!

I know, you're all confused now, right? *G*

I'm re-opening this community. I need it to help me keep track of what the heck is what with my writing! After over a year of a complete block, I've been throwing myself back into fanfiction as a way of finding my voice again. Doing it for fun rather than profit seems to give me some freedom that I need right now!

I am also going to cross-post, however. You can receive updates:

1.) Livejournal: ducksfanfic
2.) Insanejournal: http://asylums.insanejournal.com/ducksfanfic/
3.) Dreamwidth: http://ducksfanfic.dreamwidth.org

All new fic will be cross-posted to theantijoss on LJ, IJ, and DW.

All new fic will be posted to the Archive of Our Own (which is currently in closed beta, but you can still read and comment on stories there), which is my favorite. http://archiveofourown.org/users/Ducks :D

I haven't decided if I am going to keep updating Ducks' Fanfic or not yet. I rarely have time to maintain it, and with so many other sources, I'm not sure it's necessary.

That's it for now! Thanks for stopping by! :D

9/21/07 10:52 pm - theantijoss - THIS COMMUNITY IS CLOSED

The Ducks' Fanfic Update Community has MOVED to


This community will no longer be updated effective immediately.

7/25/07 08:01 pm - theantijoss - More Old Fic is Up!

Blanket - To paraphrase Darla, everything is found in dreams -- even comfort. PURE FLUFF! (Adults, see the kind-of sequel: Feelin' Love!)

Feelin' Love Sort-of sequel to Blanket - Buffy does a little dance for her Angel. *grin*

Worse Ways to Die: A plotless, fluffy, smutty wonder, starring Angel, Buffy, a can of whipped cream, and a pair of silk thigh-highs. Mmmm.

Barely Breathing - Human Angel SMUT! Angel discovers he has a handy talent, despite the fact that he's now human. *grin*

More Than Fire - I'm not entirely sure this qualifies as smut, but it is pretty heavy and steamy... very abstract examination of Angel thinking about Buffy... and fire.

Bones - Smut, smut, and yet more smut. Oh, but a little romance, too.  Pure B/A happiness. CWC. He's returned to Sunnydale from the pits of L.A.  How and why is really unimportant.  Told from Baby's POV.

And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, means that ALL of the adult B/A fic is in its new home! YAY!


7/25/07 03:08 pm - theantijoss - FIC: The Alien 1/1 by Ducks (Gunn, Gunn/Fred) Rated PG-13

Something completely new and different from me. I'd love to hear what you think.

The Alien.

For those who are interested in the poem it was inspired by, you can read it HERE.

7/11/07 09:11 pm - theantijoss - Whee!

Not much today, but something!

Something Old: Book 3 is back in business! :)
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7/7/07 04:30 pm - theantijoss - More new/old fic!

Today's classic selections include:

Miracles Do Happen - An alternative, fluffy look at Angel's reaction to Buffy's return from the dead.

Simple Motions - Struggling to get his life back on track in AtS season 2, Angel returns to his roots.

The Final Stand - Angel faces his greatest challenge yet.

Merry Merry Dreaming - B/A Celebrate the holidays in The Dreaming.

More coming soon. W00t!

7/3/07 07:08 pm - theantijoss - Yay! More Old Fic!

Today's selections include:

No Doll's Here - My peak into Crazy Spike's head... guest starring Angel. *G*

The Stone - A shippy alternative to the events following AtS: Redefinition

Stay - I always thought it was Buffy who should have apologized after AtS: Sanctuary.

The Unfortunate Demise of Riley Finn - One of my only true SillyFics

Say Eh-Oh to the Chosen One & The MST3k of it by rec.arts.tv.mst3k.misc.

Suddenly Unsturdy - Sequel/Companion Piece to What I Really Meant To Say. After the Great Coffee Accident, an ex-vampire in denial finally sees the light.

What I Really Meant To Say - Ten years after the closing of the Hellmouth, Buffy runs into a familiar stranger outside a coffee shop. Mush ensues. *g*

7/1/07 12:00 am - theantijoss - OMG! New fic! "No Apologies" - Adults Only - B/A, Light Kink

No Apologies - Everything is different from Before… and yet nothing has really changed. Post-series, Buffy and Angel explore their respective darker sides. Contains light BDSM and bloodplay.

Yum. *G*

6/28/07 09:27 pm - theantijoss - *sniffle*

I just finished putting Stages of Grief up. I thought it was fitting, considering I just finished watching The Gift yesterday.

6/27/07 04:25 pm - theantijoss - Yet more updates! :)

Some oldies but goodies are up!

Reluctant Ancestor
The Ties Between Us
The Cure

In fact, the oldest of the goodies. And "good" might be a strong word in some circumstances. *G*

Blow off the dust and have a good chuckle.

These are on the genfic page, which has been updated: http://www.ducksfanfic.net/genfic.html.

Please let me know if there are any problems! :)
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